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In an era obsessed with social media, targeted advertising, data mining and algorithms that show you what you think you want to see, I give you the magazine ‘Blah’. 


Blah highlights different genres, cultures, arts and ideas. To prevent us from getting too narrow-minded, read the unexpected eclectic mix of stories, graphic novels, jokes, reviews, illustrations and more. This unpredictable selection of material won’t feed you the information you think you want to know, it will give you so much more. 

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About Blah:


  • Allow people to submit articles etc 

  • Don’t stick to one theme 

  • Cheap as fuck - cooler than oat milk 

  • Regular people telling interesting stories 

  • A community where all voices are heard 

  • Guest editors to prevent Blah from sticking to the same aesthetics and style

Set briefs for people to submit articles:


  • Write about your bedroom layout and make it interesting 


  • Submit a joke about an animal 


  • Write an article about rap music


  • Write an article about composing classical music 


  • Submit an illustration for the saying ‘breathing down my neck’ 


  • Submit a review of a sculpture ​


  • Submit a description of a London estate 


  • Describe a bike ride you’ve taken recently 

  • Submit a mandala to be coloured in 


  • submit a proposition for the magazine


  • Free article submission 


  • submit an article about the environment 


  • submit an article about cancer support 


  • submit an article about mental health 


  • submit an article about black rights 


  • submit an article about a new building in your area 


  • submit an article about bioplastics 


  • submit a question for people to reply to 

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