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An illustration for the book 'pecker' was featured on Ladybeard magazine.


What was the motivation behind the book? Why the penis?

JB: It was born out of frustration with a trend amongst designers: people not wanting to try a different type of project. It’s not a major issue but it’s something we wanted to poke fun at. ‘Wow, is that really another self-initiated project where designers/illustrators are asked to design a poster on one theme??’ We’re taking the piss out of me as much as anyone else here. A couple of years ago I curated a project that invited artists and designers from around the world to contribute posters inspired by the phrase, ‘No Fly Posters’, (see, After seeing more and more projects of a similar nature it just all got a bit much. I remember saying, ’I wish someone would just curate a project of dicks’… and then we looked into it, and no one had done it.

LZ: Yeah it started as a bit of a joke over a beer. All the 'wanky' projects that we'd come across inspired us to do something a little more in your face. I mean as much as I love ‘cool looking’ stuff, there was space for something a little more juvenile and fun.

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